MPCHS Computer Return

Parents and Students

We have scheduled our computer return for Thursday, June 1st at 10 AM.  We have been receiving calls asking that students be allowed to turn them in at different times.  We ask that you honor our request as we have made plans for the return during school time.  We understand that the computer return may be the only reason for your student to attend school on Thursday.  While not coming on Thursday may make sense for you, it complicates the collection for the school.  In order to ensure all the devices are collected and organized we need to insist that you allow us to work our plan.


Semester Test Information Spring 2017

Semester Test Schedule

Spring 2017

Testing will begin with 1st period on Tuesday, May 30th.

Tuesday, May 30th

1st period                8:15 – 9:45

3rd period               9:55 – 11:25

Lunch                      11:25 – 12:00

5th period                 12:05 – 1:35

Make Up Testing    1:40 – 3:10

Wednesday, May 31st   

2nd period               8:15 – 9:45

4th period                9:55 – 11:25

Lunch                      11:25 – 12:00

6th period                 12:05 – 1:35

Make Up Testing    1:40 – 3:10

Thursday, June 1st     

7th period                 8:15 – 9:45

Computer Check In    9:55 – 11:25


General Information.

All classes will meet as scheduled.  All classes must have a comprehensive semester test.  Teachers have the option to require/not require seniors to take their semester tests.

The schedule is what the schedule is and will not be changed.  Tests are to be given and taken as scheduled.

Students will not be required to attend study halls and Exercise Science during their scheduled time.  The media center will be open for students that desire a quiet study location during their time without tests. The gym will be open and supervised for those wishing to shoot baskets or just “hang out” during the time they do not have a test.

All students will have an open lunch during semester test days.  MPCHS will offer lunch to those that wish to stay for lunch.  Any student that does not return in time for their next class will receive detention time.  No lunch will be served on June 1st.

The make-up testing times are for those students whose parents have communicated the need and have been approved by a principal for alternative testing plans.  Teachers will be available for students that need to review/prepare for the next day’s testing during these times.

Internet Safety Update

MPCSD is moving to an at home web filtering solution in addition to our at school filtering.  We have installed a product called iBoss on all school owned laptops.  This product allows us to filter website content to the school owned devices.  iBoss is a cloud client installed on school laptops.  It works by directing traffic to the iBoss cloud location to be filtered.  While it does use your internet connection at home, it does not alter it in any way.  It only affects the traffic on the school owned device.   We ran a test with devices from both MPCMS and MPCHS without incident.  Our plan is to get all school owned devices to have this protection in segments to ensure we don’t overwhelm our network.  Students may notice that some websites they have been able to access in the past at home are now blocked.  If the student needs access for coursework please have them ask their teacher to ask that the websites are unblocked.

Senior Parent Meeting

This letter was sent home with the seniors today.  Our first After Prom planning meeting will be on October 24th at 7 PM in the High School Media Center.

October 10, 2016

Senior Parents,

On October 24th we will have our initial meeting for you to begin planning for this year’s After Prom.  After Prom is an event that is put on by the Senior parents to provide a safe, alcohol and drug free event after prom.  In the past After Prom has been at The Iris Lanes, The E3 Center, and here at MPCHS.  Both the bowling alley and E3 Center charge for the use of their facilities.  Students that attended at both the bowling alley and MPCHS have said they like having it here more than at the bowling alley.  For the last two years we have had larger than normal number of students stay until the end of After Prom.  Normally we have the parents start preparing after the first of the year, but I feel you may want to begin before that because there is no funding for the hypnotist this year.  He has been a big draw and has done two shows for several years.  In the past a Healthy Henry County Grant provided funding for his services.  That grant has run its course and thus will not be able to provide funding.  Having a hypnotist costs approximately two thousand dollars.


In addition to the hypnotist, last year’s parents rented inflatables and a laser tag set up.  They spent approximately three thousand dollars for just the inflatables.  They raised additional money that was used to provide cash and other prizes.  Some of the prizes were distributed during the night and others were saved for those that stayed all night.  My experience has been that having good prizes at the end of the night keeps more students at the event.

As I said before this is an event that is put on by the senior parents and you can determine what you want to have at your event and how much money you will need to raise to accomplish your goals.  Last year’s group raised eight thousand dollars and were able to provide a great experience.  It is my hope that you folks can get together, decide what you want to offer the students, and have the time you need to accomplish your goals.

The meeting will occur at 7:00 pm in the High School Media Center.  I will be there to provide any historical information I can.


Todd Liechty

Principal, MPCHS