Local Industry Gives to MPCHS

During first semester Candice Becker of Innovairre visited Scott Stribe’s CELL (Civic Engagement and Leadership Lab) classroom to provide a business perspective on the student’s coursework.  After that visit she went to other local industries with the idea of supporting the classroom by providing funding for a more innovative workspace.  Today Mr. Stribe received a check for $3200 to purchase tables and chairs to promote greater collaboration.  MPCHS wants to thank Innovairre, Contitech, West Liberty Foods, Team Staffing, Anywear Apparel, and Becker Law Office.  stribe room


MPCHS has passed the test! Now you can too!

MPCHS staff have been trained to give the Iowa Learner’s Permit Exam.  Today, we gave our first test under the supervision of the Henry County Treasurer’s Office.  They have cleared us to give the test at our discretion.  MPCHS Students wanting to take the test should sign up with Mrs. Nehring in the Student Services Office.  We don’t know how often we will be giving the test but will figure that out when we know what kind of demand we have.  When the student’s pass the test, they will receive an email of directions on what to bring to the Treasurer’s Office to get their permit.

Semester Testing Request

Below is a copy of a letter that was sent home with all HS students today.  We appreciate your time and cooperation.


Dear Parents,

As the first semester at Mount Pleasant Community High School comes to a close, I’d like to thank you for your continued support and partnership in the educational journey of your children.  We count it a privilege to be your partners in this endeavor!

With the end of a semester comes an important time of assessments called semester tests.  Often, during semester test time, some students complete their tests very quickly and then text a parent and ask to be excused.  On the surface, this seems very trivial.  In reality, it means several calls into classrooms followed by students in the hallways opening and closing lockers.  While under normal circumstances this would not be a big deal, semester testing is a time of significance.  We need to preserve the best test-taking situation possible for all test takers.  Therefore, to give all our students the best testing opportunity, we will not accept parent calls to dismiss students during semester tests to avoid distractions for those that need the full testing time to complete their tests.

If your student feels he/she will not need the entire testing time to complete their exams, please have them take something (a book, study materials for another class, a magazine, or puzzle that can engage them) that will quietly occupy the remaining time in their testing session.  On those days, we will require a doctor’s note from any student that is dismissed from school to provide as little distraction as possible.  We thank you again for your support, and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Go Panthers!

Todd Liechty

Principal, MPCHS



Veterans Day Display

Mt. Pleasant High School would like to honor our local Veterans by displaying their pictures in our High School Commons. If you have a friend or loved one whose picture you would like displayed, please bring a copy of your picture to the High School office or email it to deeann.patterson@mtpcsd.org. Pictures will not be returned, as we will keep them and display them each year. Please make sure you bring a copy or duplicate of your friend or loved one’s picture. Include their name and branch of service or other information you would like us to know, such as war or conflict served in. Please bring  the pictures to the high school no later than November 7th.


   We are Honored to Support our Veterans

Would you like to receive school notices via text message?

Recently, Mt. Pleasant Community Schools has upgraded our Infinite Campus student information system so that we can send text messages. This service will provide you with information, announcements or reminders.  To ensure  that you receive information that pertains to you, please log in to the Infinite Campus program to set your preferences.  Follow these steps:  1.  Log In using this link, 2.  Go to Contact Preferences Settings.  3.  Check the boxes for the message types you would like to receive.  You can choose to receive voice and/or text (SMS) messages by category.   Categories that you can choose from are:  Emergency Messages, Attendance Messages, Behavior Messages, General Notification Messages, Priority Notification Messages and Teacher Messages. During Parent Teacher Conferences, school secretaries and principals at MPCHS will be available to help you log in and review your account settings.  We plan to use this system to notify students and parents of weather related matters and other district news.

Parent Teacher Conferences and More

On Thursday and Friday this week Mt Pleasant Community High School will be having Parent Teacher Conferences and more.  Parent Teacher Conferences will run from 4:00 PM until 8:00 PM on Thursday night and from 8:00 AM until Noon on Friday.  In addition to Parent Teacher Conferences Mr. Kenney will be available to help Parents and Students complete the  FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  All students planning to attend college next fall should complete the FAFSA.  For some students the sooner the application is completed the more likely they will be to receive financial aid.  If you would like our help to complete the FAFSA please bring parent and student income tax returns and W2 statements from 2015 and 2016 as those will be needed to complete the FAFSA.


MPCHS Computer Return

Parents and Students

We have scheduled our computer return for Thursday, June 1st at 10 AM.  We have been receiving calls asking that students be allowed to turn them in at different times.  We ask that you honor our request as we have made plans for the return during school time.  We understand that the computer return may be the only reason for your student to attend school on Thursday.  While not coming on Thursday may make sense for you, it complicates the collection for the school.  In order to ensure all the devices are collected and organized we need to insist that you allow us to work our plan.